Golf Tip - February 

Golf Tip
2019 @ BraeBurn CC
Our BraeBurn golf cart fleet is now fully equipped with a GPS and tracking system.  The iPar7 GPS and tracking application was made for both golfers and golf course management. This fourth generation application provides the latest in tracking technology for management and easy-to-use GPS services for golfers actively looking for detailed information while on the golf course. In easy view the golfer can see detailed hole and round data, hazard distance, pace of play, round time and general distances to various points to the green (front, middle, back).  We really think this will enhance your playing experience.  Here are the players and pace of play benefits to having this system:
Benefits include:

  • Each group knows specifically where they stand regarding their pace of play.
  • The specific yardages for your shot are already posted saving time for each player.
  • Real-time reporting notifies the golf staff of where each group is in regard to established pace policy.
  • Direct messages can be beneficial to send to players regarding: the threat of incoming weather and violation reminders.

None of this is intended to minimize the pro shop-player interaction during a round. It’s intended to make those conversations much more about “How’s your round going” and less about “sorry but you are slowing down the 48 players behind you”.