Golf Tip - June

Helpful Tips while at BraeBurn
Tee Times: 
Use the website’s ‘tee time booking’ feature!  It’s simple and fast!
Whether you’re playing golf or just using the practice facilities, check in with the golf shop staff/starter.
Arrive at the tee box 5 minutes prior to your start time, with “all bets settled,” before starting play.
Driving Range:
Please aim towards the middle of the range to prevent balls clustering at the edges of holes #10 and #11.
Everyone from time to time hits poor tee shots. If you are on the range, please STOP hitting golf balls if you see a fellow member or guest attempting to recover a ball from the driving range.
On Course:
Take pride in your course! Repair all divots and pitch marks. Rake all sand bunkers
Golf cart GPS shows the yardages of front, middle and back pin placements.  Quick Tip: play to the middle # to lower your score!
Golf carts are limited to 2 players only; drivers must be 16 years old with a valid driver’s license.
Fishing BraeBurn ponds: ONLY during non-peak golf hours is fishing permitted, please inform the golf staff prior to heading out.