2019 USGA Rules Changes & Supporting Information
The 2019 golf season is here and with the new season comes new changes to the USGA Rules of Golf.  Below are the 20 most important rules changes for 2019.  The golf staff is always available to help you with any rules situations that you encounter on the golf course.  However, we encourage everyone to always carry in your golf bag a copy of "The Player's Edition of the Rules of Golf" which can be obtained from the USGA Publications page on the USGA website.  You can always access Rules information quickly by downloading the USGA Rules of Golf App (2019) on your smartphone.
For further explanation of the 2019 Rules Changes, feel free to click on the following link which will show several explanations to some of these changes.

“Explanation of Each Major Change for New Rules of Golf 2019”

Additional information can also be found on the USGA Rules Hub by going to the following website.  Please click on the following link as this website is filled with resources for you to explore the new rules and see videos and graphics of these common situations.